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FANN CLUB was created as the conservative alternative to Facebook.  Its purpose is to bring individuals, family, friends, conservative organizations and conservative talk to a social media platform without fear of censorship or being shut out due to political or personal ideology.  We likewise offer the platform for opposing political views in order to facilitate a free and honest civil discourse.  There are several  unique features found only on FANN CLUB.  1)  Participation without regard to political ideology;  2)  We are hosted on our own private servers by experts knowledgeable and experienced in computer security.  We can not be shut down by others who wish to censor our political speech;  3)  Investigate reporting – Investigative news reporting of issues by FANN CLUB’S own investigators and others – uncensored and not based on a political, ideological or financial elite agenda.  There are many good reporters who would like to report the whole truth but are prevented by the political and financial elites who control their media empires.  FANN will facilitate the distribution of information that needs to be uncovered for the benefit of the American people and the country’s freedom.

Go to the Register button on the home page and input your personal info that you want to share with others.  Then feel free to reach out to friends and family and the world.  Invite your family and friends to register so you can stay in touch with them.

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