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FANN CLUB offers a unique self-funding program for individuals and organizations.  Our program will end the IRS control of your individual and organizational funding for your activities.  The self-funding program is based on network marketing of individuals.  The current methods of relying on contributions does not adequately fund our activities and allows the IRS and the government to control our activities.  By self-funding the individual who supports our various causes and activities, we can eliminate the need for IRS approval and use a system that has proven itself.

  1. GET A FREE SILVER BAR.      International Silver Network – Get a free silver bar at (If you were referred to FANNCLUB by someone else, go to their FANNCLUB member’s personal profile page to obtain their ISN Affiliate # and sign up for free as a customer or sign up for one of their Portfolios).    FANN CLUB is currently helping individuals to protect themselves from our worthless currency by helping them to buy and store gold and silver products.  We have partnered with the International Silver Network – a full-service gold and silver company offering their products through their direct sales network.  For information, go to   By signing up for a Portfolio you can earn money while recruiting and referring others to your cause or organization.
  2. Hegemon Group International – – recruiter code – HFT3564K . (If you were referred to FANNCLUB by someone else, go to their personal profile page  to obtain their HGI recruiter code to become a Hegemony Crusader in their group.)  Hegemon Group International is leading a new wealth empowerment revolution that is helping individuals and families protect and improve their financial future with a proven system that is designed to help you succeed.  Our model is simply helping others get a handle on their financial future and showing them how they can diversify their income by doing the same for others.  Our mission is to create more financially independent families than any other business in history, and we are accomplishing this mission by empowering independent professionals and incentivizing them to build a distribution organization and move professional products through their distribution outlets.   You can earn money while recruiting and referring others to your cause or organization.
    Go Beyond Natural sponsored by Chae Organics
    It’s my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the Go Beyond Natural community. Here at GBN, we believe that good health is more than what goes in your body, but what goes on your body, too. I want to help you take the guesswork out of choosing safe products for yourself and your family, because we genuinely care about what goes into the products you bring home.
    Did you know the average person comes into contact with more than 500 chemicals and toxic substances every day through the products they use in and around their homes and work places? In fact, a growing body of research proves that those chemicals are taking a serious toll on our collective health. While the gravity of this issue itself is shocking, what’s worse is the fact that it’s a problem that has persisted for decades.
    Many of our well known corporations that produce personal care, skin care and cleaning products  use ingredients frequently  linked to issues like hormone and endocrine disruption, infertility, birth defects and cancer, just to name a few.
    Go Beyond Natural was founded by Linda Chae.  Linda Chae worked as a skin care specialist and salon owner and became interested in developing a toxic-free product line. While researching product formulations,  she discovered that ingredients frequently found in personal care, skin care and cleaning products were linked to issues like hormone and endocrine disruption, infertility, birth defects and cancer, just to name a few.  Linda Chae is a product formulator and manufacturer specializing in products that contain only natural, organic and ToxicFree® ingredients.
    TO JOIN – Go to and put in Sponsor Code #3381.  If you were referred to FANNCLUB by someone else, go to their member’s personal profile page to get their sponsor code.

Choose one or all opportunites that will self-fund you and your activities while recruiting others to your cause or organization.


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