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FANN CLUB wants to facilitate free and honest civil discourse.  The heated rhetoric from both sides of the issues prevents meaningful discussion that is paramount to America and its freedom of political speech.  We want all voices to be heard, whether they are individuals, political organizations or news sources.  True conservatives are being shut out by the financial elites and their news organizations since they are a threat to their control of America and its government.  We want to promote discourse that is honest, intellectual and free of foul language, name calling  and personal slander which is being used to stifle real discussion.

FANN CLUB will have a platform for bloggers and organizations so that all sides of the issues can be brought out.  We are a national coordinating clearinghouse for activities and campaigns of conservative organizations so that we can support each other.  There is strength in numbers.  Please contact FANN CLUB  to get your organization or personal activities on the national platform.  Email your information to: .

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